Sunday, October 5, 2014

4th Area, Hempstead, Texas

It's been great, but time to find out where my next area will be.

Hard to leave great people you get to know so well.

My cousin moved to Houston and was able to say hello.

Temple trips make for great days.

Pretty much the best gift I have received.  Awesome huh?

Easily the best family I have met so far!

New companion, Elder Walker.

Helping a family with Christmas decorations!  

Playing Emanuel for a family.

Helping set up Christmas! Great time of year to be a missionary!

Helping out with a preschool field trip.

Great P-Day

Merry Christmas!

What did you put in them? Last days with Elder Parkinson, I'll miss him.

I think you should frame it!

Entering a funny photo contest

Zone training, Elder Corbridge of the Seventy.  This was a great conference.

Visiting some members who are always doing great things for us.

Having lunch with one of my first zone leaders, he came back to see some new members sealed.  Awesome day!

Missionaries can have trucks too!

Halloween dinner, Mexican food.

Sending a picture to the families.

 I would do great in the nursery, they listen.

The people here really take care of us!  Great food, great people!

The best part is leaving the families with a spiritual thought.

Eating dinner at a members house, great blessings 
come from helping missionaries :-)

We love the members, they take great care of us.

Yellow meat watermelon..a first for me.

Elder Parkinson...great companion, I'm looking forward to this new area!

Taking care of my 1 year mark.
This is what we do when we are headed downhill.

Time flies when you're having fun...

Sunday, September 7, 2014

3rd Area, Houston, Texas....Spring Branch

Having a barbecue on my last day in Spring Branch.

My last day in Spring Branch, I am going to Hempstead, Texas.  I'm sure it will be great

I've never seen a flood like this!

Yes, the shoes dried out but for a day I thought they were ruined.!

#Mormon Mafia...Just a little dinner with some members

Back on the bike, it feels good to get a good workout!

This is what happens to your shirt when you are on a bike and it is wet!!!

My companion from Northern Utah

Just doing a little preaching!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

2nd Area, Conroe, Texas

Change is inevitable in life.  

Great people make it hard to leave an area.

I will miss all the friends I have made here!

Being transferred, I hope it is a good one!  Won't know till I get to the mission home.

My last zone conference with President Pingree.

I'm going to miss these people!!!

The best mission president ever!  He is leaving me and I'm not so sure I appreciated it!
My new companion!

Visiting before transfers.

I'm sure going to miss him.

Transfers are inevitable, but they sure aren't very fun!

Shade is awesome in Texas!

Gotta love those service projects

Just Chillin!!!

My companion who is leaving me!
A pool? Just isn't right for a missionary who loves to swim!!!

Great zone activity!




I might not be able to swim, but I can climb.

Another great day at the temple!

How do you like my p-day tie?  I thought so!

When it rains in Texas it is a major down pour.

I wasn't driving, but I did encourage it.  Yes, we are stuck!

Just getting ready to do some serious service!

Texas Houston Mission Rocks!



My new companions in my 2nd area.

We got to go to the temple during transfers.

God Bless the USA!

On my way to my 1st transfer.

Six month mark

Texas Houston Mission, Yeah!