Tuesday, October 15, 2013

1st Area, College Station

Looking Good.

My Companion, but I can take him!

My Zone

I'm a ghost!

Taking down the Christmas lights for people.

Some Texas breakfast, great food!

Doing a little service.

Merry Christmas!

A little Christmas cheer!

Just a little grocery shopping fun!

What do you think?

The Temple

I even fixed up our window.
Here it is all pimped out!  Not so bad huh?

Charlie Brown isn't the only one that has an awesome tree.  Merry CHRISTmas!!!

Blue Bell Ice Cream is the best!  They have one in Provo.  You need to try some!

Doing some service, putting up some Christmas lights.

No I'm not drinking it.  I needed the bottle for a lesson.

My back yard
Amazing members feeding us again!

Eating at zone conference.

My desk is still a mess, but I do study a lot.

   A member took us out for dinner.  Great food here in

P Day fun, making a tower.  I started with the idea
then everyone joined in to help.

The members here are great.  They feed us every night!

A trip to the temple.  It was awesome.  A beautiful temple but very small.

Things I do when I get bored.

I took this to send to Dustyn in Honduras.  I bet he can't get a corn dog there!

Some damage left from the big storm.  

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