Wednesday, May 27, 2015

6th Area, Magnolia, Texas

Zone Meeting, shortest....always in front!

Investigator road trip!

I love the kids in this family!

This dog is almost as big as me!

Just doing a little sketching before hitting the pillow. 

Mission life always brings a smile!

My mom would be proud!  I made this!

Just another P-Day!

New companion, has anyone warned him about me???

This is how we do district meetings.  Bring the food and they will come!!!

Awesome temple trip just like always!

We could be body guards.

Would you trust me behind the wheel???

Yeah, they tower me!!!

But, I can jump!!!

P-Day Fun!!!

Companions in Magnolia

THM: Texas Houston Mission!!!
Great day to be a missionary.

Looking good!

Hey, I found Elder Visser and I on Google Maps!!!!

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